Pastor's Page

From the Pastor's Desk:
What a happy privilege is mine to greet you in the loving name of our risen Savior.  Welcome to our website, and to the invitation to join with us in our worship experience each time you can avail yourselves or to use our prayer request form for inclusion in our prayer-time.  Also our ministries are posted that you might view them to acquaint yourselves with the kingdom work that we as a family are engaged in.  Perhaps you will discover one of appeal that will cause you to desire a closer look.
This church is a warm fellowship where we live by our mission statement and declare that; everybody is indeed somebody, yet we recognize that God is the Head.
One ministry of notable mention is the "Youth Church, " which is newly reorganized. Structured classes are equipped with able teachers, born again believers who are dedicated and loyal to their calling.  The youth pastor is a seminary scholar aspiring to pastoral leadership, who proudly and reverently applies truth and logic to his spiritual walk; while relating to the youthful persona of those in attendance.  He is supported by a well informed and intellectually astute director, along with the covering of the senior pastor, Christian education director and the entire body of corporate worshippers.
Our services are enhanced by the tremendously talented choirs; the Sanctuary, Inspirational, Male Chorus, Youth for Christ, the WMU choir and the praise dancers who add another dimension to the level of spiritual awareness and expectations.
As you visit with us in person or by our website, we will attempt to be diligent in our effort to keep you updated with occurring events that hopefully will pique your interest, and cause you to come over with us; "we will do you good."
Be Blessed
Pastor L.S. Wilson